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Trans-Tag specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of devices that allow you to track, monitor and analyse goods, equipment or people that are moving from one place to another, or where performance data is difficult to collect.

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A Trans-Tag product for every need

The Trans-Tag product family is designed to offer the perfect tracking, monitoring and analysis device for any business – we tailor our technology to work for you.

We’ve developed hardware and software to help you protect your business 24 hours a day, year-round. Once your device is installed, you are in complete control of it and any ancillary technology attached to it. We collect the data for you, convert it to whatever format you require and send it to you on a timescale to suit you. That means no more ploughing through pages of data – just a succinct, accurate picture of where your product is, what it is doing and whether it’s working properly; anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated software helps us to build the best system for you:

  • Custom control software for all applications
  • Covers platforms including Windows, iPhone and Android
  • Modular application means customers can add or remove functionality easily
  • Includes APIs for third party integration
  • Can import and export data using specially built-in wizards

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