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Trans-Tag specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of devices that allow you to track, monitor and analyse goods, equipment or people that are moving from one place to another, or where performance data is difficult to collect.

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Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

Do you require a Remote Temperature Monitoring System? With the services and products available to you with Trans-Tag, you can be sure to receive the best systems available across the market to benefit your business. Trans Tag work closely with their clients to ensure that their clients are happy. Whatever requirements you have, Trans Tag are sure to tailor their services to meet your needs and supply you with the exact device most beneficial to you.

The products and Software that Trans-Tag have devised means that you can be sure that your business is well looked after and tracked at all times.

Trans-Tag’s software allows you Custom control software for all applications, Covers platforms including Windows, iPhone and Android, Modular application means customers can add or remove functionality easily, Includes APIs for third party integration and can import and export data using specially built-in wizards.

The products on offer with Trans-Tag include Micro-Tag - Effortless Tracking and Control; Sensor-Tag - The ultimate sixth sense; Secure-Tag - Protecting your employees property; Safe-Tag - Intrinsically safe for harsh environments; and Sat-Tag - Working confidently around the world.

With the combination of their software and products, you can be rest assured you will receive a great service with Trans-Tag.