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Trans-Tag specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of devices that allow you to track, monitor and analyse goods, equipment or people that are moving from one place to another, or where performance data is difficult to collect.

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The latest technology in the smallest package

When we first thought about supplying sophisticated telematics products, we made a list of the most important features and went looking for devices that would fit the bill:

  • Much smaller than traditional systems
  • Ability to work for long periods of time with low power consumption
  • Accurate sensor measurements across a range of functions
  • Reliable GPS built-in
  • Able to be configured to customer’s requirements
This product just didn’t exist in the form we knew we wanted. So we built it.

All Trans-Tag products are designed using the latest available technologies, from printed circuit boards to vibration sensors and durable outer casings.

We’ve put thought, expertise, time and energy into building the very best in small, low power, high performance devices so that you don’t have to. Our industry expertise has seen us work with governments, major organisations and global agencies, so we understand the power of commercial innovation and application.

Talk to us today about the functionality of our Trans-Tag products and we’ll recommend the best system for your needs.

Unique Features Of The Trans-Tag Range